Candela ( UnBound ) II — Gordon Stettinius

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Always good to hear from Gordon Stettinius, we were thrilled to learn that Nocturne #13 (Mary Grace McAlister) was to be included in the second summer UnBound exhibition at Candela Books + Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Thank you, MG.  Thank you, Gordon.



Beta Magazine — Jeff Moorfoot

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Gayle had a great visit with Jeff Moorfoot at the PhotoNOLA 2012 portfolio reviews in New Orleans.  Jeff is  Festival Director of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale in Australia as well as the publisher of Beta Magazine.  He suggested she submit a series from the Nocturnes for publication in the magazine and boy did he ever do a fantastic job.

The June edition of Beta Magazine includes Nocturnes 1, 4, 7, 9 (Diane Boddy), 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 21 (anonymous), 23 (D Hanley), 25 (Kaden Kratzer), 26 (Hamidah Glasgow), 32 (Mary Moore Garrison), 33 (Diane Boddy), 34 (Patsy R. Davis), 38 , 41 (Anne Connor), and 49.

The issue is a fifty-megabyte download.  Our article begins on page 140.


Nocturne #41

Interview in Light Leaked

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Ashley Kauschinger of the Light Leaked blog, sent us each interview questions for a post on the blog.  We decided to answer Ashley’s questions independently of each other.  Our answers were posted on June 3.

Ashley chose to illustrate our interview with Nocturnes 2, 3, 7, 13 (Mary Grace McAlister) and 21 (anonymous).


Nocturne #21 — Thank you, anonymous !

People’s Photography — Bejing

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Yan Li and Huo Wei, publishers of China’s People’s Photography newspaper, featured the Nocturnes in the May 2013 edition of the paper.  Pictured were Nocturnes 1, 2, 7, 9 (Diane Boddy), 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 21 (anonymous), 22 (Jeanne Klein), 23 (D Hanley), 26 (Hamidah Glasgow), 32 (Mary Moore Garrison), 33 (Diane Boddy), 34 (Patsy R. Davis), 38, and 49.


Nocturne #26

Blue Mitchell — AfterLight

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Blue Mitchell, photographer, publisher, curator, juror, reviewer, among other remarkable abilities, asked to show a collection from the Nocturnes in an exhibition he curated for Portland’s Month of Photography.

He selected Nocturnes 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 19 (Anne Berry), 36 (Patsy R. Davis), 39 (Linda Wright), 41 (Anne Connor), and 48.

AfterLight hung in the Basil Hallward Gallery during the month of April.


Nocturne #39

Wall Space Gallery — Flat File

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In her March 23 “Flat File” post, gallery owner Christa Dix turned her attention to the Nocturne series.

She refers to S.Gayle Stevens as “a rock star.”

I concur.

Christa shows Nocturnes 2, 7, 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 32 (Mary Moore Garrison), and 33 (Diane Boddy).


Nocturne #32

LightBox Photographic — Astoria, Oregon

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At the closing party for “Beheld” at HomeSpace in New Orleans, we took the six plates which were hanging there off the wall, zipped them in the portfolio, and slid the portfolio into the back of the already bursting car.  The puppy and I drove from Home Space, twenty-seven hundred miles northwest to LightBox Photographic in Astoria, Oregon.  There, Michael Granger and I slid the portfolio back out of the car, unzipped it, and he selected three of the Nocturnes (One, Twelve, and Thirteen) for an exhibition opening July 14 at the gallery.

Nocturne Number Twelve is sponsored by Claire Cartwright Vaughan of San Antonio.

Nocturne Number Thirteen is sponsored by Mary Grace McAlister of Breckenridge, Colorado.

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