Blue Mitchell — AfterLight

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Blue Mitchell, photographer, publisher, curator, juror, reviewer, among other remarkable abilities, asked to show a collection from the Nocturnes in an exhibition he curated for Portland’s Month of Photography.

He selected Nocturnes 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 19 (Anne Berry), 36 (Patsy R. Davis), 39 (Linda Wright), 41 (Anne Connor), and 48.

AfterLight hung in the Basil Hallward Gallery during the month of April.


Nocturne #39


Nocturnes Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine

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When we finished Patsy’s suite of four Nocturnes, we also completed our sponsorship mission, one plate per sponsorship.  But December 18 was not yet finished with us and we were not yet finished with it, so we made two more plates.  Number Thirty-Eight is unsponsored.  Number Thirty-Nine is sponsored by Linda Wright in Oklahoma City.





Nocturne Number Fifteen

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We are thankful for the support of Linda Wright in Oklahoma City for sponsoring Nocturne Number 15.

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