LightBox Photographic — Astoria, Oregon

July 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

At the closing party for “Beheld” at HomeSpace in New Orleans, we took the six plates which were hanging there off the wall, zipped them in the portfolio, and slid the portfolio into the back of the already bursting car.  The puppy and I drove from Home Space, twenty-seven hundred miles northwest to LightBox Photographic in Astoria, Oregon.  There, Michael Granger and I slid the portfolio back out of the car, unzipped it, and he selected three of the Nocturnes (One, Twelve, and Thirteen) for an exhibition opening July 14 at the gallery.

Nocturne Number Twelve is sponsored by Claire Cartwright Vaughan of San Antonio.

Nocturne Number Thirteen is sponsored by Mary Grace McAlister of Breckenridge, Colorado.


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