People’s Photography — Bejing

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Yan Li and Huo Wei, publishers of China’s People’s Photography newspaper, featured the Nocturnes in the May 2013 edition of the paper.  Pictured were Nocturnes 1, 2, 7, 9 (Diane Boddy), 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 21 (anonymous), 22 (Jeanne Klein), 23 (D Hanley), 26 (Hamidah Glasgow), 32 (Mary Moore Garrison), 33 (Diane Boddy), 34 (Patsy R. Davis), 38, and 49.


Nocturne #26


Frank Lopez — Shadows and Ether

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Frank Lopez, Dallas educator and wet-plate collodion artist, was asked to curate an exhibition for the Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs.  The show, Shadows and Ether, included Nocturnes 17 and 22 (thank you, Jeanne Klein.)   It hung at the historic Bath House Cultural Center from April 17 to May 18.


Nocturne #22

Nocturne Number Twenty-Two

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Nocturne Numb er Twenty-Two is the second plate we made on December 13.  Its emulsion also sits on a Hurricane Isaac plate (please see here.)


We appreciate the support of Jeanne Klein of Austin, Texas for underwriting the production of this 20×20 tintype.

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