Thirty-Nine Plates !!

January 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

The evening of December 18, when Nocturnes Number Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine were out of the wash, it was time for Prosecco and some major toasting. Throughout five plate-making sessions in Pass Christian, beginning the 16th of January, we had made thirty-nine twenty by twenty inch wet-plate collodion tintypes, each one using a homemade pinhole camera.

It was an accomplishment that had never been made before. The experts said it couldn’t be done (and logically it shouldn’t be done,) but we had found a way to do it.

And along that way we were also able to place twenty-nine plates in gallery shows, beginning with the New Orleans Photo Alliance, which we consider to be, like Home Space Gallery, our base, and ending with the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, a fitting denouement.

What had begun as a “fluke,” an experiment, with a plywood camera cobbled together, and no silver bath, the wrong safe-lights, not enough trays, and enough rounds of whack-a-mole to create a new dance, the whack-a-macarena, turned into a dream come true that neither of us had even considered dreaming in the first place. 


Home Space Gallery – Fifth Anniversary

December 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Kevin Kline, curator for the Home Space Gallery in New Orleans asked for Nocturne Nineteen for the gallery’s fifth anniversary show, “V”.  Thank you Anne Berry for underwriting this big plate.  “V” will hang from December 8 to January 4.ImageV

HomeSpace Gallery New Orleans

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In early June we delivered six ( ! ) of the twenty by twenties to Home Space Gallery in New Orleans. Owner Ann, curator Kevin, and resident alpha dog Dot hosted an exhibition named “Beheld” which featured the works of six artists.

This is where we begin having the kind of fun we hoped for when designing the “Two Old Women” project.  Kevin selected Nocturnes One, Two and Four for the exhibition. Those three plates come from our early work in January, before we began to think in terms of “Two Old Women.”

Kevin also selected Nocturnes Eight, Twelve and Thirteen, all of which are sponsored by kind patrons who chose to participate in our benefactor program.

Nocturne Number Eight is brought to us by Elizabeth Whitten Meux of Denton, Texas.

Nocturne Number Twelve is brought to us by Claire Cartwright Vaughan of San Antonio and of Los Novios Ranch, La Salle County, Texas.

Nocturne Number Thirteen is brought to us by Mary Grace McAlister of Breckenridge, Colorado and Wichita Falls.

This photograph is courtesy of Kevin Kline.

HomeSpace Gallery, New Orleans

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The first plate came up on Friday, January 6.  The following day, Home Space Gallery in New Orleans was having a closing party for its exhibition, Tintype.  Participating artists were:  Euphus Ruth, Jenny Sampson, Bruce Schultz, and S.Gayle Stevens.  We took the plate with us and (at Kevin’s invitation) propped it up against the gallery wall for the visiting crowd to see.

So when someone asks, “Will these be shown in galleries?” I don’t mind at all saying, “Oh, this one made its gallery debut at the age of two days.”

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