Blue Mitchell — AfterLight

September 7, 2013 § Leave a comment


Blue Mitchell, photographer, publisher, curator, juror, reviewer, among other remarkable abilities, asked to show a collection from the Nocturnes in an exhibition he curated for Portland’s Month of Photography.

He selected Nocturnes 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 19 (Anne Berry), 36 (Patsy R. Davis), 39 (Linda Wright), 41 (Anne Connor), and 48.

AfterLight hung in the Basil Hallward Gallery during the month of April.


Nocturne #39


TPS 22: The International Competition

February 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

February 11 brought the news that Nocturne #14 will be travelling with the Texas Photo Society’s annual International Competition.  Juror for the exhibition is Blue Mitchell of Portland, Oregon.  Number Fourteen will begin its journey at the Amanda Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, on March 1.  Public Reception is Saturday, March 30.  Judy will be there.  The BIG camera will be there throughout the month.


Thank you, Carol and Ken Clowes for underwriting Nocturne Number 14.

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