Blue Mitchell — AfterLight

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Blue Mitchell, photographer, publisher, curator, juror, reviewer, among other remarkable abilities, asked to show a collection from the Nocturnes in an exhibition he curated for Portland’s Month of Photography.

He selected Nocturnes 12 (Claire Cartwright Vaughan), 13 (Mary Grace McAlister), 19 (Anne Berry), 36 (Patsy R. Davis), 39 (Linda Wright), 41 (Anne Connor), and 48.

AfterLight hung in the Basil Hallward Gallery during the month of April.


Nocturne #39


Kiernan Gallery — Methods (Alternative)

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We received news from Kat Kiernan of the Kiernan Gallery in Lexington VA ( that Nocturne # 19 (thank you again, Anne Berry) was selected by juror Christopher James for the exhibition Methods (Alternative), opening January 30 and hanging until February 23, 2013.  Thank you Kat.

Kiernan Gallery

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Happy New Year’s Eve, on December 31, we received word from Kat Kiernan that Nocturne Number 19 (thank you Anne Berry) will be shown in the gallery’s METHODS (alternative) exhibition, opening January 30  in Lexington, Virginia.  Juror for the show is Christopher James.

With Christopher James in mind, we can also mention that one or more pieces from the Nocturne series will be included in his upcoming publication, The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes.


Home Space Gallery – Fifth Anniversary

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Kevin Kline, curator for the Home Space Gallery in New Orleans asked for Nocturne Nineteen for the gallery’s fifth anniversary show, “V”.  Thank you Anne Berry for underwriting this big plate.  “V” will hang from December 8 to January 4.ImageV

Hurricane Isaac

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On the 29th of August, 2005, Hurricane Katrina blew through Pass Christian and flattened most of its structures.  The home that sat on this lot on Barkley Street was destroyed.  Gayle has made two series of Holga wet-plate collodion tintypes documenting the aftermath of Katrina.  The “ghost piers” that have been the subjects of many of our large plates were stripped of their wooden walks.

This home, with our downstairs darkroom, was built in 2009.

On the 29th of August, 2012, Hurricane Isaac blew through town and left twenty inches of water in the darkroom.  The house, fortunately, was spared.

It took two full days, in early November, to re-install the darkroom so we could start making plates again.  Barney, the saint, had hauled safelights, cameras, and chemicals upstairs before he went to higher ground, and then hauled all that stuff back down so we could get back in business.

We were surprised to find a stash of unexposed 20×20 plates in the darkroom that had held their own during Hurricane Isaac.  They’d been soaked, baptized, and otherwise anointed in saltwater during the storm.  They were salty.  Crusty.  Stained. Inscribed.

We couldn’t wait to shoot them.

Nocturnes Nineteen and Twenty, made on November 5, are from the stash of Isaac plates.  We have laughed and called them hybrids, a cross between Katrina and Isaac.

Nocturne Number Nineteen

December 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

Image19We appreciate the support of Anne Jarrrell Berry, Newnan, Georgia, for her sponsorship of Nocturne Number Nineteen.  We made this plate on November 5, 2012.

Please see the post above about Hurricane Isaac plates.

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