Sun to Moon Gallery — Dallas

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Nine photographers, all members of the North Texas Alternative Process Group, are participating in a show opening Saturday, July 21 at the Sun to Moon Gallery in Dallas.  We have four Nocturnes hanging on the wall, 6, 9, 11, and 16.

Nocturne Number Nine comes to us courtesy of Diane Johnson Boddy of Dallas.

Nocturne Number Eleven comes to us courtesy of Dinah and Barry McNew of Greenville, Texas.

Nocturne Number Sixteen comes to us courtesy of Dayna March Phillips of Irving, Texas.

This is Nocturne Number Nine, the ghost pier across from the Walmart in Pass Christian, Mississippi.

A brief article in the Dallas Morning News mentions one of the Nocturnes:

And a notice in the Dallas Design District News has a similar comment:

Thank you, Diane, Dinah, Barry and Dayna!


LightBox Photographic — Astoria, Oregon

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At the closing party for “Beheld” at HomeSpace in New Orleans, we took the six plates which were hanging there off the wall, zipped them in the portfolio, and slid the portfolio into the back of the already bursting car.  The puppy and I drove from Home Space, twenty-seven hundred miles northwest to LightBox Photographic in Astoria, Oregon.  There, Michael Granger and I slid the portfolio back out of the car, unzipped it, and he selected three of the Nocturnes (One, Twelve, and Thirteen) for an exhibition opening July 14 at the gallery.

Nocturne Number Twelve is sponsored by Claire Cartwright Vaughan of San Antonio.

Nocturne Number Thirteen is sponsored by Mary Grace McAlister of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Center Forward

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Happy happy happy day on July 11 when the news arrived that Nocturne Number Two was selected for the annual Center Forward exhibition presented by the Center for Fine Art Photography.  Jurors were Hamidah Glasgow, Director of C4FAP and Ann Jastrab, Director of the Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco.


HomeSpace Gallery New Orleans

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In early June we delivered six ( ! ) of the twenty by twenties to Home Space Gallery in New Orleans. Owner Ann, curator Kevin, and resident alpha dog Dot hosted an exhibition named “Beheld” which featured the works of six artists.

This is where we begin having the kind of fun we hoped for when designing the “Two Old Women” project.  Kevin selected Nocturnes One, Two and Four for the exhibition. Those three plates come from our early work in January, before we began to think in terms of “Two Old Women.”

Kevin also selected Nocturnes Eight, Twelve and Thirteen, all of which are sponsored by kind patrons who chose to participate in our benefactor program.

Nocturne Number Eight is brought to us by Elizabeth Whitten Meux of Denton, Texas.

Nocturne Number Twelve is brought to us by Claire Cartwright Vaughan of San Antonio and of Los Novios Ranch, La Salle County, Texas.

Nocturne Number Thirteen is brought to us by Mary Grace McAlister of Breckenridge, Colorado and Wichita Falls.

This photograph is courtesy of Kevin Kline.

Nocturne Number Eighteen

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nocturne18We thank Ann George of Shreveport, Louisiana for her support in providing Nocturne Number 18.

Nocturne Number Seventeen

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Anne M. Connor of Madison, Wisconsin has underwritten the production of Nocturne Number 17.

Nocturne Number Sixteen

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Thank you, Dayna March Phillips, Irving, Texas for sponsoring Nocturne Number 16.

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