The Twenty by Twenties – Start with a Camera

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

We learned things from the 11×14 experiment.  For starters, we figured we could go larger.  Much larger.  And settled upon twenty by twenties because we had trays that large.  We had no tanks for the silver bath or the fix.  But we could work around that, because we had those big trays.

I didn’t have a camera for 20×20 and that turned out to be a good thing, because the project required a camera designed specifically for the task.  Specifically for wet-plate, rather than for paper or film.  So it was back to the drawing board.  That’s the part of the process that I love – the figuring out how to make it work, sleeping on the problem, puzzles upon puzzles.

The camera is a nested box ten inches deep.  The walls of the top of the box fit within the walls of the back so that they hold the plate in place.  It ain’t fancy.

The pinhole is 0.320” and comes from Pinhole Billy,

For the numbers people, that makes f/313 in the center of the plate and f/438 at the edges.  (f/531 to the corners)


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